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Cloud Native Weekend

Our first release

Cloud Native Weekend is a highly interactive and immersive experience. The workshop is focused on the essence of software engineering not the accidents. How to build large, sustainable systems versus how to use a specific language or framework.

In just 48 hours, you will learn the fundamentals of building cloud native applications. As you learn, you'll pair with practitioners that have built applications and engineering teams for hundreds of startups and enterprises - developers and platform engineers that have spearheaded the cloud native revolution!

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Who we are

We are a group of engineers, designers, product and business leaders who have the impulse to create, innovate and reach the outer limits of what's possible. We've paved the way in our industry, creating successful products and platforms while fueling the other side that drives us — overcoming challenges and finding fulfillment in all that we do, whether it's behind a laptop or on the mountain.

What we do

We are experienced practitioners who enable teams to build great software through consulting and collaborative weekend workshops that equip teams to reach their goals and produce optimal business outcomes.

How we do it

We value simplicity and know that quality arises out of incremental change, rapid feedback, honest communication, and by fully embracing change. To build effective products, we constantly ask what is the right decision first and foremost for our customers — without losing sight of what's best for our team. We value working hard with integrity, continuously learning, and having fun both at our desks and outdoors.

Why we do it

We're passionate about discovery, creation, and teamwork. We take pride in not only sharing the wisdom we've gathered on our journey but sharing a better way of practically living and executing your dreams.

We reduce technical execution risk.

The first few weeks of a new code base are critical, and may just be the most important code you'll write.

Our principles

  • Assume simplicity
  • Quality work
  • Incremental change
  • Rapid feedback
  • Open, honest communication
  • Embracing change

Our practices

  • Simple design
  • Test driven development, ruthless refactoring
  • Short releases, minimum viable product
  • On-site customer, small stories, continuous integration, continuous delivery
  • Retrospectives, feedback, candor
  • Collective ownership


An Initial Capacity article

The AppContinuum article describes the evolution of a cloud native application architecture. The development style and best practices have contributed to the success of many companies - from routing 911-calls to ensuring your tweets are delivered on time.

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An Initial Capacity article

The FreshCloud article describes how to build a modern application platform using kubernetes. From basic dial-tone to a fully implemented secure software supply chain, we have you covered.

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